How to Recognize Negative People Around You

How to Recognize Negative People Around You post thumbnail image

Negative people are all around us, and we are usually able to recognize them somewhat easily. The problem is when we do not know how to recognize them and then fall into their hole of negativity. Luckily, there are some general signs that can tell you if a person is negative. 

They worry a lot

To be clear, we all worry. Just because you worry does not mean that you are a negative person. Negative people just worry constantly and about everything. Their inability to think positively about the future makes them worry all the time, which in turn causes more stress and makes them more negative. 

They like to control others

Negative people often like to control others around them. They usually do this by giving you a lot of unsolicited advice about every single part of your life. There are many causes of negativity, but one of them is the inability to control one’s life. When they feel like they cannot control their own life, it makes sense that negative people try to control everyone else around them. What’s more, they like to control other people’s emotions and make others negative as well. 

The circle of negativity

Negative people tend to be the ones to always tell you about something bad that happened. This is usually because they expose themselves to negative news more often than others. When the media broadcasts news about violence, death, and tragedy, they feel like they were right about something, so they seek out more news of the same kind. In turn, these kinds of news contribute to anxiety and depression and make people more negative, making it a vicious circle of negativity that is difficult to get out of.

They do not take criticism well

Even though they tend to criticize others too much and find faults wherever they can, negative people do not take criticism well. They can be too sensitive and often find jokes offensive and rude.

This usually comes from the fact that people have many insecurities that rise up to the surface whenever somebody criticizes them, even when the criticism is meant to be constructive. 

Always in their comfort zone

Negative people rarely, if ever, leave their comfort zone, which is related to the fact that they worry a lot and always expect the worst things to happen. This makes them scared to try anything new, anything slightly risky, even when they could benefit greatly from the experience. 

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