8 Unexpectedly Stressful Jobs People Do

8 Unexpectedly Stressful Jobs People Do post thumbnail image

Stress and anxiety are unfortunately a big part of our lives and something that everyone should try to minimize as much as possible. However, that is often a difficult task to accomplish when one of the biggest causes of stress is the work that we do. When you think about some of the most stressful professions there are, doctors, lawyers, policemen, or airline pilots immediately come to mind. Yet, there are 8 very popular professions that unexpectedly require stress on a daily level. 

1. Sports Referee

It is the unspoken rule that no matter what team you support, or even which sport you are watching, the referee is always the enemy. Not only are referees stressed because they travel a lot, but they also have to endure all the hate, yelling, and even occasional death threats, without zero praise for what they do. 

2. Teacher

Being a teacher can be wonderful – you get to enrich and broaden children’s minds, inspire them, as well as get a lot of time off in the summer. However, you can get into many stressful situations whenever you have to deal with troublesome students, whether it be small children, teenagers, or even university students. Moreover, teachers usually do not earn as much as we think they do, and, depending on their situation, some of them have to do other jobs on the side.

3. Telephone Operator

At a first glance, the job of a telephone operator does not seem that stressful at all. However, when you think about all the different personalities that they have to talk to and how often they come across angry customers who do not want to be disturbed, you can see how working as a telephone operator can get quite stressful. Not to mention that their paycheck depends solely on how many sales they make, which adds another level of pressure on them.

4. Social Worker

Social workers deal with stress every day, whether they are working with children, the elderly, or people with mental or health problems.  Of course, their job is rewarding as well, but long shifts and numerous problems they can run into surely take a toll on them. 

5. Bartender

This is another profession that initially looks not only easy but also fun. What is so stressful about serving drinks and hanging out in a bar every day? Well, bartenders tend to work with drunk people on a daily basis and have to know how to deal with problematic and stressful situations that can arise when people are drinking. They also have to work very fast on busy nights and stand on their feet for long hours. 

6. Taxi Driver

Just like bartenders, taxi drivers have to work with many different types of people, who are sometimes also drunk if they are going home from a night out. The drivers obviously also have to pay attention to driving, deal with rush hours and traffic jams, and if their customer is in a hurry, they have to do it as fast as they can. 

7. Reporter

As a news reporter, you have to be ready to go to a location anytime it is necessary. You usually do not know the news in advance, therefore, you have to rush off to wherever they tell you to go, sometimes in the middle of the night, as well as be prepared and presentable, and try your best to get the information you need. 

8. Event Coordinator

Planning parties and events can be fun when you are doing it for yourself or your friend group. However, when you are trying to plan a wedding or an event that needs to be perfect for a person you hardly know, your work days can get very stressful.

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