4 Traps Shop Owners Use to Make us Spend More Money

4 Traps Shop Owners Use to Make us Spend More Money post thumbnail image

It’s so easy to do everything online nowadays. We book our tickets online, visit various fun websites like the Mexican codigodeapuesta.com.mx, or the Spanish Zara website, and of course, we shop online. All of this brings us joy, shopping included. But have you ever wondered how our favorite stores actually make money?

When you enter a store, whether it be a department store or a supermarket, you do not even realize how many “traps” there are in front of you. Shop owners have different tricks they use to make us spend more when we enter their shop and we are not even aware of them. Take a look at these 4 common devices shop owners use, and next time you notice them you will see right through them. 


We love seeing that huge red sale sign in our favorite stores – we absolutely have to go in and check it out! Well, that is exactly the purpose of those signs. Shops put up huge signs to draw your attention and get you to enter the store, even when the sale is not that exciting. Moreover, when we enter, we often find something we like that is not even on sale, thus spending more money than we intended to do.  

Limited-time offers

We usually do not work that great under a lot of pressure, and when we have an illusion that the time is running out and that we need to make a decision regarding our purchase as fast as we can, we usually make the decision to buy the item. Not giving you enough time to rationally think about your purchase is another common trick shop owners use to make you spend more money. Otherwise, if you had more time to think about it, you might have realized that you do not need another pair of very expensive gym shoes since you do not even go to the gym. 

Location is everything

Have you ever thought how weird it is that some of the essentials you buy every day are all the way in the back of the supermarket? Supermarkets tend to put dairy as far away as possible so that you are forced to go through the whole supermarket to get it. Shop owners assume that on your way to the milk, you will pick up a few more things that you didn’t intend to buy. And they are completely right.

Supermarkets also put colorful fruit and baked goods in the front of the store so that you will be instantly hit with beautiful colors and smells, as well as chocolates and other tempting goods at the checkout where you usually have to wait a long time. 

Free shipping

Sometimes, stores will offer you free shipping if you make your purchase within a certain time limit. Just like with time-limited offers, this is just a trick to make you not think too long about your purchase, because if you think about it too long, you might realize that it is way cheaper if you buy that item somewhere else. 

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